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Amazing Carpet Texture Ideas

Amazing Carpet Texture Ideas
  •    Carpet
  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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Every householder wants to have the best interior design for their home. One way is to use the carpet in the house. Each type of room requires different types of carpet. Proper application is important, in addition to ensuring the aesthetic design of the interior is not damaged, also for the comfort of the occupants/ guests. The carpet comes with a variety of textures and patterns, and colors. Each type of carpet has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Choosing the right type of carpet for any room is absolutely to do to get the optimum benefit. Here is an example of the application according to the type of carpet texture.

Bedroom Carpet

When choosing carpet for the bedroom, make sure you adjust the size and any furniture in the bedroom. The texture of the carpet most often used is long furry texture. The texture is not only soft, but also has a function as heating, making it suitable for the bedroom.

Living Room Carpet

The living room as a main room you receive visitors must have to look perfect and attractive. Choose the carpet texture that matches to design of your room. If you want a minimalist and modern, short white fur rug will be suitable for the type of space design. If you want the feel of ethnic and traditional, patterned carpets Turkey or Bali with a variety of colors will be suitable for the type of carpet.

Dining Room Carpet

For the dining room, make sure you choose the waterproof carpet texture and easy to clean. The carpet in the dining room will be vulnerable once stains, making it easy to clean-ups should be a primary requirement. It would be better if the rug for the dining room made of plastic anti-fade, so if there are stains of food, it will be easier to clean.

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