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Georgeous Persian Carpet

Georgeous Persian Carpet
  •    Carpet
  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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Carpet has a major role in almost every room in your home. It becomes one of the most popular floor coverings. It provides warmth and a beautiful accent to your home decor. Put new carpet can change the entire look in the room. One of the most popular carpets on the market today is a Persian carpet. It is the world’s best carpets, both handmade and machine-made carpet, the economic value of the arts and high. In addition, the motif of Persian carpets has great quality so that it becomes people reference in many countries who want quality carpet.

The Persian carpets have been tested worldwide for their quality. These carpets are being hunted today’s society. This encourages the emergence of counterfeit carpets. So, how to distinguish a genuine Persian carpet with its counterfeit? In the visible, the original Persian carpet and its counterfeit are indistinguishable. However, in every carpet ready for sale will include a certificate. Besides, at the top it says Iranian Carpet Company in Arabic which together with the carpet like the logo. In addition, the original Persian carpets are also equipped with several sheets of paper contains information related to the carpet presented in various languages.

How to Clean Persian Carpet?

Clean the Persian carpet using a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. Avoid cleaning tassel carpet using a suction machine. Clean tassel carpet by hand. After vacuuming on it, use a brush to remove the hair, hair, and dust is left.

Persian carpet should be cleaned once a week, but for carpets that are rarely used can be cleaned every two weeks. Spots are usually easier to clean while still new compared to when the spots has dried up and absorbed fiber carpets. You also can clean the carpet every six months or once a year to keep your carpet looks new.

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