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The Best Bathroom Carpet

The Best Bathroom Carpet
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  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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Bathroom carpet provides safety and comfort. Most bathroom carpet is made of rubber and can be placed on the floor of the shower or tub to prevent someone from slipping when getting in or getting out of the place. Besides rubber, partly bathroom carpet is also made of fabric. Bathroom carpet should be cleaned regularly because dirty bathroom carpet can be a gathering place for bacteria that can cause foot fungus and odor.This article helps you understand the methods and tools required to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom carpet.

How to Clean Rubber Bathroom Carpet?

Take advantage of the wide bucket to clean the bathroom carpet. First, lift the bathroom carpet on the floor and place it in the bottom of the wide bucket. Second, fill a bucket with warm water. Do not forget to wear your gloves! Then, add two cups of chlorine bleach to the water. Next, brush both sides of the bathroom carpet with a clean brush. Finally, throw the water in a bucket, then rinse thoroughly bathroom carpet.

If you do not want to wash the bathroom carpet by hand, you can let the washer works for you. Enter bath mat with several sheets towels or clothing. Another laundry serves as brusher the washing process. Set the washing machine to lap gently with warm water. When the rotary washing machine has finished, remove the mat and dry it. Do not put a bath mat into the dryer because it can alter the shape and damage the mat.

How to Clean Fabric Bathroom Carpet?

In general, fabric bathroom carpet can be cleaned using a washing machine along with other laundry, but make sure you check the bath mat’s label first to ensure a more precise way of treatment. Wash bathroom carpet with hot water to kill the fungus or bacteria, and then lift and dry it.

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