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The Difference between Textured and Frieze Carpet

The Difference between Textured and Frieze Carpet
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  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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Many rugs that are available in the market make us confused because of various options. From many of these options, we have to know which one is suitable for our room, especially when we apply the theme to the room. The carpet range starts from a thick carpet until thin. For the example, the textured and frieze carpet that will be described below.

The Look Of Textured and Frieze Carpet

Textured and frieze carpet are made for informal themed room. It is because the appearance of the frieze carpet that looks casual. There are frieze carpet that is designed with attractive patterns and colors. If the room that is decorated made for luxury or glamour theme, dark colors can be chosen for the frieze carpet. The texture carpet works well for the vacuum marks and footprints. The curls can reduce the appearance of the mark of stamping feet.

The Strength Of Textured and Frieze Carpet

Both textured and frieze carpet is durable. Frieze has stronger durability due to the heavy yarn material. Besides that, frieze carpet is not easily broken by the spontaneous way when the opening the door. The frieze carpet still can show the same look whether it is roughly used. For a texture carpet, its strong points are in looser twisting and crimpling. Even though frieze carpet has good strength in being durable, texture carpet is still demanded by people who are finding for high quality texture carpet.

To keep it durable, it is needed to always clean the dirt of the carpet to avoid the mold that starts to grow, moreover when the carpet is used for traffic way. Vacuum the carpet by routine schedule that is made. For the frieze carpet, it is important to also use beater brush of the vacuum to remove the dirt. Beside the routine schedule of vacuuming, it is also important to clean the oil and the dirt that stick to this casual carpet by stream cleaning.

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