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The Facts about Carpet Sweeper

The Facts about Carpet Sweeper
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  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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Carpet sweeper is used specifically for carpet cleaning. The carpet sweeper is a must have thing to be owned by people who have carpet. Of course, with the help of Melville Bissell, this tool can help people to do chores easier at home. Carpet sweeper has been filling the interior world market since long.

How Carpet Sweeper was Invented

Carpet sweeper discovered in 1876 by Melville Bissell. Melville Bissell was born in September 25th 1843 at Hart wick, New York. Carpet was used for house decoration in most houses that time. Carpet sweeper was invented by companies before the invention of Melville Bissell, but these inventions did not work well. People had still to clean carpet by rug beater. Bissell’s invention started when his wife was confused in how to clean the carpet. The invention of the sweepers in that time was not useful because when it was used, it grew more dust instead of remove it away.

Anna, Bissell’s wife, then told his husband about the sweeper of the carpet that did not work well. The dust kept stay on the carpet. She asked her husband to create a sweeper for the carpet. Bissell tried to invent the carpet sweeper and it works successfully. People who hear this invention headed to Bissell’s home to get the same dust sweeper. The invention creates new business to Bissell’s family. They began to offer the carpet sweeper from one house to another house.

Since then, Bissell’s carpet sweeper was patented at the time. In 1883, they successfully made Bissell’s manufacturing plant. Anna became the first CEO in America after the death of his husband. She developed the company with more products to sell and expanded the company around the world. Until now, the company is still become the leader of industry managed by Bissell family.

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