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Using Carpet Tape to Chase Away the Bed Bugs

Using Carpet Tape to Chase Away the Bed Bugs
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  •    December 8, 2017
  •    Nanami Mochizuki
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The existence of bed bugs always disturbs everyone at home, especially when it comes to the rest time. Bed bugs grow and lay eggs under the carpets and hidden furniture. You cannot just smash the bed bugs like flies, because when bed bugs come to the house, they will quickly grow and run into every item of your house. To chase away those bed bugs, carpet tape will be the main weapon to fight.

Before Applying Carpet Tape

Before applying the carpet tape, you need to make sure that the bed sheet, pillow case and blanket are already washed. You need to give distance between the wall and the bed to prevent the bugs that try to reach the mattress. After washing the mattress, heat the bed sheet, pillow case, and blanket by laundry dryer to make sure the bed bugs are already gone. For the clothes, use the heat dryer to heat them before they are used. And then, the clothes is better protected and sealed inside plastic hanger.

In Applying Carpet Type

You need to put any color of carpet type to the bottom side of the blanket and bed sheet. Make sure that the blanket does not touch the ground. After that, you need to protect the bottom of the bed legs with carpet tape to avoid the bed bugs. You also need to put carpet tape in the ceiling around the bed area.

You also need to protect the other furniture around your home. Use carpet tape to each leg of all furniture you have. For the sofa and under bed, you can prepare CO2 to get away the bed bugs. It is suggested to not sit on the sofa for some months until the bed bugs are totally gone. To kill the bed bugs, you can use DE powder in the place where the bed bugs grow.

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